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Our Business...


Research, design, development, production


Listening to the needs of consumers and customers, our aim is to design

and develop green products for intended markets.

Following your specifications, we are able to produce in small, medium or large quantities.

We can also serve our customers with custom made products.

We manage the value-chain that binds our abilities and those of our partners.



  • Creation and development of an individual product or full range of products,
  • Creation of packaging, labels and instruction manuals,
  • Creation of customized packaging and Private Label,
  • Creation of technical data sheets and material safety data sheets,
  • Creation of sales argumentation,
  • Management of all production operations,
  • Stock management,
  • Shipment management.



  • Monitoring of local and technologic norms, (all products comply with the international standards and are regularly adapted),

  • Audit of the partners (suppliers, subcontractors),
  • Quality Control during the entire manufacturing process from raw material until finished products,
  • Flexible production and packaging units, to match small and medium or large orders,
  • Management of shipments through excellent logistic.


Compliance with these commitments allows us to be

member of the  Eco-Desirable Charter



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